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About me.

I started learning programming and building websites back in my school days.

Starting the year 2018, I took things more seriously about web design/development and spent more time creating web pages, styling and making them load faster. One of the first major projects was converting a men's lifestyle blog EASIQUE from WordPress to a static website.

Work that deliver results.

When I come across a new project, my primary focus is to understand the goals it is intended to have.

Then, deploy techniques like Search Engine Optimization, List Building, etc., that drive more traffic, improve branding and grow the business.

Secondly, make websites mobile-friendly, i.e., they must load beautifully across all devices.

Making websites run like a Tesla.

Not everybody in this world has access to high-speed internet. This is when performance and page load speed becomes crucial.

In short, you don't want a website that takes ages to load on a slow network. Researches have noted that every second a website takes to load, it loses potential customers.

Hence, my aim is always to make stylish, clean and lightweight websites that load fast and improve the user experience. Look how fast this web page loads.

Never stop learning.

This is more like a personal vision.

I like to explore and learn something new with every project I work on. It keeps things interesting and helps to push the boundaries.

The most frequent tools I use are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ES6, and WordPress to make all that magic happen.

I always aim for perfection. But, at the same time, I know nothing is perfect and there's always room for improvement.

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